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Christ Lutheran Chruch which relocated to Lewis St in 1888 was remodeled in 1927 and electric lighting added to the Sunday School area.

1911 – 1916 Building Improvements


During the months of May and June 1911, a slate roof was put on the church and an extension to the Sunday School room 15 ft. by 49 ft. was build.  In November 1911, electric lights were installed in the church.  The cost of these improvements was $2000.

            In July 1916, an electric blower for the organ was installed at a cost of $222.22.  Also, a metal ceiling was put in the Sunday School at a cost of $145.44.

Re-consecration of Christ Church Chapel


            Sunday, February 13, 1927 was a great day in the history of Christ Lutheran Church and the City of Staunton.  It was the time set for the re-consecration of the chapel of the church.

            The building had undergone extensive improvements.  Eleven class rooms, two robe rooms, a librarian’s room and a room to store the property of the women have been added to the chapel increasing the seating capacity to 360.  All rooms open into the chapel auditorium and they have French glass fronts.  This gives abundant light in each room.  Ventilation is given to each room.  When the rooms are all closed, there is a beautiful little auditorium complete in itself seating 150 people.  This fills every need of the congregation for small gatherings.  The whole building has been repainted and presents a beautiful appearance.  At the entrance of the chapel there is a fountain with drinking water.  Each room has its own electric lighting.

            The property committee did its work in a splendid manner and the members sacrificed time and labor to make their part of the work a fine success, and they have done so.

            The day of re-consecration service dawned cloudy, rainy and threatening.  A fine congregation was present.  The services began with a processional by the orchestra under the direction of Leo J. Burnicke.

            H. F. Scheele, a former pastor, extended to the congregation and school his best wishes for the success of the work and congratulated the congregation on the additions to its equipment.

            The pastor then called for subscriptions and the finance committee had done its work so well that subscriptions just poured in.  When the lull came in the good work it was found that $2,950 had been pledged.  Less than 10 minutes was taken to secure the money. 

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