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Preparing for New Facilities 1958


            The facilities built in 1888 were in need of extensive repair.  The congregation had grown to the point it could no longer adequately serve the membership.  Folding chairs had been purchased to place in the back of the church to accommodate the overflow attendance.  A study had determined renovating the existing facilities was not practical.  There were problems with adequate parking, the Sunday School area was too small for all the classes.  There was no an area large enough to hold a congregational meeting or meal and there wasn’t property available at that location on Lewis Street for expansion.

            Fellowship ha been enjoyed frequently at Christ Lutheran at dinner meetings, but facilities and equipment for providing meals are woefully inadequate.  The Women of the church have served meals hampered by small, poorly arranged quarters and makeshift equipment.

            The Men of the Brotherhood report that the dinners have been delicious, but that they have had trouble moving forks form plate to mouth without harming a neighbor.  All groups – Men, and Women – have had to hold meetings outside of the church because of inadequate space.

            The Luther League needs more adequate facilities for its increasing activities.  And, in view of future membership as indicated by present Primary enrollment, the needs of such organizations as the Scouts and the Luther League mush have more adequate provisions made for them.  Out young people are our future, and a varied and vital program must be provided at Christ Lutheran.

            Recreation of Christ Lutheran has been conspicuous by its absence.  The need for facilities to provide for an organized recreational program for both young prople and adults has been felt very keenly by members of the church.  Committees on Woman’s Interests and Fellowship and Recreation have included in their recommendations for our new church home:

A Fellowship Hall for large group meetings, dinners, dramatics and other programs.

Rooms for smaller group meetings

A well-equipped kitchen with adjacent storage rooms.

            Property was acquired on Augusta Street on the north end of Staunton for the proposed new facilities.  There were study committees and an architect to come up with a plan for easy access, no congestion for entering or leaving and adequate parking.  The decision was made to proceed with the planned new building at an estimated cost of $260,000.

            The contractor was selected (J. B. Wine & Sons) and construction started.  The corner stone was laid in 1959.  Construction continued most of that year.  The new facilities would meet the needs of the congregation.

            The new church not only will attract many new families to or church, but will give us a comfortable new home and adequate space and facilities for all activities.

            The nave of our new church will be large enough to allow our spiritual family (of today and tomorrow) and our friends and neighbors to worship together at a single service.  It will seat over 400 worshipers.  Our pastor has cheerfully and devoutly conducted two services and preached twice each Sunday.

            We miss some of our friends each Sunday who worship at a different hour.  We look forward to the day when we shall have space for all of our members and visitors will feel that they are welcome.

            Our plans include a chapel with will provide a worshipful atmosphere for small services such as weddings and funerals, and the devotional meetings for our auxiliaries.

            Palm Sunday 1960 was the first service in the new facilities.  The service included a confirmation class of 22 youth of the congregation.  The final cost was $310,000 which the congregation paid off in 10 years.

Back to In The Beginning

Christ Lutheran Church plans to build its third building in just over 100 years of its history.  With facilities in bad repair, over crowding and inadiquate equipment, the dicision was made to move.